Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London [June—September 2019]

Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego [March—August 2018]

Michael Hoppen Gallery, London [September—October 2017]

Arles Photo [July 2017]

Manchester Museum [August 2016]

Artijuli, Krakeslottet, Norway [July 2016]

Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego [June—October 2016]

Powell Cotton Museum, Margate [April—September 2016]

KK Outlet, London [May 2016]

Klompching Gallery, New York [April—May 2016]

AIPAD, New York [April 2016]

Horniman Museum [September 2015–January 2016]

Christie’s, Out of the Ordinary [August–September 2015]

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition [June—August 2015]

Couler Cafe Festival, Brussels [June 2015]

AIPAD New York [April 2015]

Cultural Centre, Bornem [September–October 2014]

Perth Centre for Photography [August–September 2014]

Noorderlicht Gallery, Groningen [July–August 2014]

Artijuli, Krakeslottet [July 2014]

Portrait(s) festival, Vichy [July 2014]

Toronto Photography Festival [May 2014]

AIPAD New York [April 2014]

Artists Residence, Krakeslottet [March 2014]

Knokke-Heist Photo Festival [ March 2014]

Honolulu Museum of Art [December 2013 – June 2014]

Imperial War Museum North, Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War
[October 2013 – November 2014]

MIA Gallery, Seattle [August 2013]

Annenberg Space slide show, LA [May 2013]

AIPAD New York [April 2013]

Klompching Gallery, New York [March 2013]

The Margaret Street Gallery, London [March 2013]

Royal Shakespeare Company, London
[November 2012 – March 2013]

Galerie Huit, Arles [2012]

Victoria Park – World in London
(Photographers’ Gallery)

Foto8 Summershow 2012

Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, London
[May–August 2012]

Quay No.1, Vevey, Switzerland [May–June 2012]

Gallery Huit, China House and Alliance Francaise
de Penang, Malaysia [2012]

Imperial War Museum, London [June–December 2011]

Gallery Huit, Arles [2011]

Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art, Milan [2010]

Klompching Gallery, New York [2010]

HotShoe Gallery, London [2010]

National Portrait Gallery, London [2009]

AOP Gallery, London [2009]

Coningsby Gallery, London [2001]

Coningsby Gallery, London [2000]

ICA Mall Galleries, London [1995]